Get Unblocked, Re-balanced and Re-Energised with Relaxing Sessions with Melanie

I am passionate about re-balancing and re-energising people… FAST!

I believe there are emotional blockages stuck in our bodies from past traumas that are stopping us from creating our greatest potential.

Over the course of my career as an intuitive energy healer & holistic health specialist, I have witnessed the greatest catalyst for change comes when I guide my clients to break free from their emotional blocks, which then enables their physical body to heal.

I assist people to clear this emotional baggage, using my skills, tools and techniques, and am able to assist them to bring their physical bodies back into balance and harmony fast, with ease!


The Healy is Here!

Heal yourself with the latest technology. The Healy device can assist with pain, sleep, mental balance, learning, weight loss, skin, ageing, fitness, beauty and so much more! It even works on animals.


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Vi-vac-i-ti (vi-vas-i-tee)

"No back pain… I feel like a different person"

Paul T. North, Brisbane

"We have healed deep emotional wounds and trauma."

Tracey M., Brisbane

"My life has changed forever, thanks to Melanie."

Steve B., Burleigh Heads

"My head is clear in the first time in years!"

Denise S., Broadbeach

Mel's First Book Interview!

Melanie is Interviewed by the Outback Hypnotist

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